Living with the Disco 3 (so far…)

First off, please enjoy the rare occasion where my car is actually clean. This is the cleanest it has been since the day I picked it up 3 weeks ago and I promise you, it won’t last.

As stated above, I have now had the car exactly 3 weeks and I have already whacked nearly 2,000 miles on the clock and so far, I love it. The Discovery reminds me a lot of the old L322 Vogue but not as refined and the 2.7 V6 diesel pulls like a train and it is a lot more utilitarian inside with nice big chunky buttons and everything is within arms reach from the very comfortable driving seat.

I have had a few long distance drives in the car down to Bristol and back and a few drives to the Midlands and I can say it is a great motorway car. Nowhere near as noisy as I thought it was going to be and it also returns some fairly good mileage with the cruise set. The only real criticism I have of it with regards to everyday driving, is that when it rains (like properly rains) all the water seems to channel through the small gap in the wing mirrors on to the side windows, making it almost impossible to see anything in either mirror at this time. Other than that, it is great. The old Freelander 2 was not an uncomfortable car by any means, but this takes that comfort level and raises it a bit more to an almost “living room” standard with the big comfy leather seats and brilliant Harmon Kardon Logic 7 sound system. I also upgraded the Sat Nav disc to a 2017 map, and even though the graphics on the display are a bit dated now, it does the job brilliantly. Around town you are definitely aware that this is a big car. There is no denying that, and off the mark you can hardly call  it “nippy” but it still a lot more agile than I was expecting and it took me no time to get used to the width. Although this could be because I am already very used to big cars like the Range Rover and my old S Class to name a few from the past. The only time I had a little panic was when I was trying to park in an underground car park in central Birmingham 2 days after I picked the car up. It had a 2 metre height restriction and this beast sits at about 1.80. Needless to say I held my breathe for a lot of it…

Usually when I pick up a new car, pretty much the first thing I do is collate a nice long shopping list of things I need to make the car feel a bit more like home. This is still the case for this one, however a lot of those parts will be long term purchases and mainly to improve it’s off-roadability. As far as living with car day to day, there is nothing I need to add to it. I have already purchased some roof bars for when I finally get my backside again and start taking my bike out. The main 4×4 parts I am thinking about are a raised air intake, front A-bar with spots and as soon as they need replacing, I am going to swap the Pirelli Scorpion Zeros for some Scorpion ATRs or similar. I’d also like a ladder on the tailgate to access the roof bars when they are on and possibly a winch if I really start getting it muddy more regularly.


I have not yet really been able to test the car’s off road capabilities yet, but I have managed to already take it down a few droves and public byways near where I live and it definitely handles the ruts a lot better than the Freelander 2 did. I am planning on taking it to a proper off road centre in the next few weeks, but not before my day of tuition with Land Rover next week. There is no point in pretending I know what I am doing just yet…

There will be a few more Land Rover based posts coming up in the next few weeks including the mentioned day with Land Rover at their East of England Off Road Centre, a drive and review of the new Range Rover Vogue and also a first impression of the brand spanking new Land Rover Discovery 5!


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